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Health Promoters

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"I've always yearned all my life to be part of philanthropic work and Health Promotion South Africa (HPSA) gave me that opportunity. With HPSA, I believe I am where I need to be and as a Health Promoter® there's a lot that I'm doing to reach my philanthropic goal.

What distinguishes us and acts as my motivation to work here is that I'm aware that the need for health education is such a huge need but has been neglected for decades both by the state and the stakeholders.

Health Promotion South Africa is now providing just that need.

It is habitual that African communities are interested in community activities only when they anticipate an immediate material gain but with our workshops, there's been an exception.

People are so interested in the information we teach, a proof that they needed it but never knew how and where to get it.

They don't mind that we don't give them other incentives like food parcels in our workshops because they acknowledge that it is very important.

All these coupled with the fact that I can see empirical proof that the information is making a difference in the lives of the people, is what makes me enthusiastic about the job."

~George Arrey, Operational Manager and Senior Health Promoter® in Township of Kayamandi

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