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Safari Rally 2013 Live the legend, drive your dream and *do it *now !

Read the The Safari Rally 2013 story, which finished in Capetown in March.  Or goto 2014

The Safari Rally started on March 3 - 2013 in Stellenbosch. For a drive of three weeks through South Africa, Namibia and Botswana for Classic cars and 4x4's.

The picture on the top of this page was taken by Bart and Jolijn during the reccconaisance of the route, which we did in April 2012.

The three week event will take you through the territories of the “Big Five” game animals as well as five unmissable highlights.

You cross the immense sand dunes of the Kalahari desert, Sossusvlei.

You visit Victoria Falls on the border of Botswana.
You follow the Garden route along the beautiful coast of South Africa.
You visit the wineries, near Stellenbosch.
And best of all, you drive in your own car through one of the best Game Reserves to meet up with the other Big Five.

The Safari Rally caters for those who prefer just driving the route under no stress and with time to stop, film and take pictures. Just visit the coffe tea and lunch stops. 


You will have a route book with all the route information, a detailed map and a Garmin loaded with all the neccecairy waypoints and the prebooked accomodations.

Our motto “the best available” also goes for the carefully selected hotels. But bear in mind that we also seek the best available routes, which are not always where the fairytale hotels can be found.

Contact to receive prices and information or call Jan Peter at +31578 561115


Safari Rally 2014.

If interested in a real rally, we will run the second Safari Rally in the fall of 2014.
Entry to the Safari Rally 2014 is by invitation only. You may apply for an invitation to compete, using the application form. Within four weeks of us receiving your form, you will be notified whether your application has been accepted. It goes without saying that older cars are high on our preference list, along with anything out of the ordinary.
Our team has successfully organized 11 Winter Trials, The Carrera Copacabana, The Himalaya Trial, The Trial to the Nile and many other special events.

Chairman Bart Rietbergen has raced, rallied and organized since 1967 and rally secretary Jan Meester rallied and organized for over 30 years as well. Our route master is Mark Appleton.


Altogether our team represents over 100 years of rally experience.